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Advertise with Mesa Jazz and Blues Shows 

We are now providing opportunities for Advertisers to advertise their products at our shows and on our website.

We're currently accepting Advertisers for the fall 2023 season. 
See details below.


 Contact CEO Bill Travis at the Mesa Jazz and Blues Theater.

Use the form below.


Support Our Advertisers

Our Advertisers provide needed revenue to help cover the operating expenses of the Mesa Jazz and Blues Theater.

That revenue is needed in order to continue bringing high-quality shows to East Mesa. 

When in need of a product, please check our advertiser list first!

Thank you 

Your ad on our web site for a calendar year

Your ad


This is a two column ad for the Platinum advertisers.

Links to Your Website

Gold Advertisers

  • All Gold advertisers get a 600 x 300 px ad on our website for 12 calendar months. (Example below)

  • Links to your website

  • Gold advertiser gets 2 Platinum tickets for the show

  • All Gold advertisers get a 10% discount on additional tickets for the show

  • Your ad on a Power Point Slide presented from 6:00 to 6:55 PM on TV screens in the lobby and in the theater. Slides rotate each 5 seconds

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I'm Interested in Advertising 

Thanks for submitting!

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