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We're Bringing Las Vegas to Mesa

Updated: Jul 10, 2022

In March 2023, the Mesa Jazz and Blues Theater will be bringing four fantastic artists from Las Vegas to perform for us. They are all national and internationally touring artists, and some of them have performed in shows on the strip.

There will be one artist from Las Vegas for each Saturday in March 2023. We'll mention each of them in separate blog posts, and of course, on our web site schedule where you can buy tickets.

On March 11, 2023 we will be featuring the exciting voice of Rita Lim who will be singing songs of Karen Carpenter, whom everyone loves.

Rita Lim sings Reflections of the Carpenters

"With her deep cultural infllunces and her vast knowledge of American Jazz Signers and Jazz Standards, Rita Lim has a style and sound that are mesmerizing . Her voice is rich, warm and throaty, working especially well with torchy ballads and bossa novas"

Rita Lim from Las Vegas

When we first considered Ms Lim, we were inclined to book her for one of her jazz shows, but after hearing her sing the Carpenter songs we decided that she did such a superb job of interpreting those songs, that people would love them.

We can always bring her back to do a jazz show.

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